Presenting Effective Strategies

To: Lindy Crescitelli, Negotiation Specialist (Conflict Resolution)

From: Ruth Greenfield, Clinical Supervisor of Social Workers (New York City Department of Education)

"Dear Lindy,

Thank you for the excellent presentation that you gave... Your presentation was just what the group needed regarding the important role they have in supporting students who are bullied by their peers. You have helped them to understand the damaging effects of bullying which often go unnoticed. Additionally, you discussed strategies that Social Workers and Guidance Counselors can use to help students while having a positive impact on school culture. Feedback from the participants was extremely positive and they felt inspired by the examples that you used from your own experiences working with students... Several of the Guidance Counselors and Social Workers expressed an interest in utilizing the skills that you described."

-Ruth Greenfield Clinical Supervisor of Social Workers
New York City Department of Education